Photography by Lee Christiansen, Uxbridge

For times when you need lots of headshots.

Maybe you’re having a big image review, or you’re tired of all those different profile shots on LinkedIn?

Or perhaps there is a unique opportunity like a conference when delegates or staff are getting together and it would be a wonderful idea to have headshots as part of the event.  (Great fun and amazing commercial value).

I shoot these sort of headshots all the time, and every time we deliver studio quality images with no compromise.

Bringing a full studio with me to your location, all I need is a suitable space and lots of willing subjects.  Often averaging between just 5-8 minutes per person, we can deliver a huge amount of studio quality headshots with volume.

And because I use the finest Profoto lighting, together with “tethered” shooting to a laptop, you can be sure of consistency across the board.  And subjects can choose their favourite images at the time of shooting – so everyone is confident.

And of course, it is great fun.  Often creating quite a buzz.  (I’ve even had people sneak back later on to get another free headshot…!)

Turnaround even for large numbers of headshots is blisteringly quick and downloads are simple with every portrait individually named.  I even create a useful and unique mini-website for your team to view all the images easily.

Retouching is available – either for individual images or at a reduced rate for volume orders.

I am now used frequently by LinkedIn for these sort of shoots with TFL, Adecco, John Lewis, Expedia etc all loving my work with repeat requests for me to visit every year.

Suitable for conferences, shooting at your office, with reduced rates for top-up shoots to match the style if you have people needing headshots after the big day.

Great for headshot needs from between 20 to 500+ people

I’m now considered to be one of the UK’s finest mass-headshot photographers with 100% success rate on every shoot.  So give me a call for a unique quote for your requirements